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    How to Cook Arepas while Camping

    How to cook arepas while camping, there's two easy ways and they are both delicious!

    This past weekend we went camping for the first time this season, and while planning meals before we left, I was thinking what would be the best way to cook arepas over there this time around. One of the times we went camping last year, I made them fried because grilling them on a pan would take kind of long, and at the end it went well, they were yummy. Continue Reading

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    Arepa con atún y queso // Tuna Salad Arepas

    (Scroll down for English) Quiero presentarles formalmente a la Arepa. (Sólo se las presenté rápidamente un día que hice guasacaca). La arepa es la comida número uno en Venezuela y también es muy…