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    Vegetarian Lunchbox Ideas for Kids

    4 vegetarian lunchbox ideas for kids

    We are not completely vegetarians in our family, but I don’t eat red meat, I eat chicken, fish or turkey. So I don’t cook red meat home.

    For a year Derek decided to go completely vegetarian and Adrian did it with him as well. Because of that decision I didn’t cook any meat at home, it was just easier for me, I didn’t want to cook 2 different meals!

    Then, of course the lunchboxes for the kids changed as well! It was a little hard to make the change at the beginning and I fell I needed resources. Continue Reading

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    DIY Pencil Pouch with Duct Tape

    I made these fun pencil pouches with duct tape for I am so excited about them! They came out great and I wanted to keep making more. Remember the Summer…