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    7 Financial Habits to Grow your Small Business

    I thought I used to keep great financial habits, I mean, ever since I started working I would receive payments, pay bills, spend it on the things I needed, balance my checkbook, make sure to not spend more that what I had and that was basically it.

    Well, no, that’s not it. That shouldn’t be it if you want to really succeed with money!

    As you know, I’ve been learning lots more over the last years about financial habits to keep to be more successful and it has helped.

    I keep discovering more and more tools that can help people like me as a self-employed, freelance or small business owner.  And today I want to share some more tips that have worked for me through this money-managing journey… Continue Reading

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    family money

    8 tips para crear un presupuesto familiar

    Ya les he contado del presupuesto, de cómo me encanta porque nos ayuda muchísimo a estar organizados con nuestro dinero. Nos ayuda a poder estar preparados para todos nuestros gastos, para…

  • Qué es presupuesto familiar? Explicación fácil de entender! -MamiTalks
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    ¿Qué es un presupuesto familiar?

    Muchas veces cuando escuchamos la palabra presupuesto familiar, creemos que significa que la familia tiene que usar poco dinero o que el presupuesto es bajo, pero no es así. Tener un…