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    Arepa con atún y queso – Tuna Salad Arepas

    (Scroll down for English) Quiero presentarles formalmente a la Arepa. (Sólo se las presenté rápidamente un día que hice guasacaca). La arepa es la comida número uno en Venezuela y también es muy…

  • food recipe

    Tres Leches Coffee Frappé

    Oh coffee. I just love you, almost in any shape or form. I say almost because I do have some preferences, like making cold drinks, and I always love to experiment…

  • food recipe

    Dulce de Leche Trifle

    I have a little obsession with all jars, I really like them and I love the fact that nowadays I see all types of desserts made in jars. It just makes the food…

  • Easter mini cakes decoration

    Easter Mini Cakes

      I decorated these Easter Mini Cakes for Spoonful, the cakes are made from a confetti cake mix, they are super easy to do, I did it with cookie cutters and discovered the cute pearls…