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  • DIY Advent Calendar. Fill it with a Lego set. Kids love it!
    christmas DIY holidays

    Advent Calendar DIY

    This is our advent calendar. We are all in love with it! For different reasons but we all love it. I actually wasn’t planning on making an advent calendar at all,…

  • Mini christmas trees garland DIY
    DIY holidays

    Mini Christmas Tree Garland DIY

    Oh la la, a Christmas Garland! I’ve been in a mood for creating white Christmas crafts, I don’t know why, maybe it’s because I usually have lots of colorful things around…

  • culture holidays

    Some of our Holiday Traditions

    Our holiday traditions are getting more defined as the years pass. Some of them stick some of them don’t, it’s just hard to do them all. At the end, Christmas Eve…

  • cooking food holidays

    Ponche Crema Recipe

    My favorite drink around the holidays has always been Ponche Crema. This is what we call Eggnog in Venezuela and it tastes very similar but not exactly the same. I think…