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    Spring Cleaning: Washing Clothes and Improving Closet Space

    Disclosure Clorox and Mami Talks

    The kids’ room has two big closets. I have their clothes plus a lot more in there, like toys, beach items, some storage for guests (since we don’t have a guest room).

    I really try to maximize the storage inside those closets to keep it all looking neat out in the room. But it’s easy to let it go and get that all disorganized.

    That’s why spring cleaning exists right?!

    During the year, I’m usually checking for any clothes that won’t fit them. If there are, I’ll take them out of the closet so they don’t occupy unnecessary space. But when spring comes and it’s time to take the big winter items out, it’s best to make sure those items are well washed before putting them away. Continue Reading

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