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    Family Trip to the Grand Canyon in 3 Days

    Girl sitting on the edge of the Grand Canyon.

    This National Park was in our list of places to go for us and I knew we could make it a road trip so we finally decided this past Summer to take the family trip to the Grand Canyon!

    Our plans weren’t made until the last minute so lots of it was depending on what we found available but I think it was a great 3-day trip!

    Adrian had recently cracked a finger so he had a cast that meant no pools or ocean included in travel for him. Our trip was going to be camping first and then go to Vegas, mostly to enjoy the pools so after the crack happened, we analyzed and decided to go to the Grand Canyon instead! I think it was much better than the original plan after all! Continue Reading

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    13 Favorite Podcasts for Tweens

    We’ve been listening to podcasts for a while now. I don’t remember which kid podcast was the first one we discovered but it had to be either Circle Round or Sugarcrash…

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    Halloween Candy Platter Idea

    Every time a holiday approaches I get excited and think of new ideas for making anything… Decorations, recipes, crafts, whatever comes to my mind! While researching for Halloween I came accross the…