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    DIY Holiday Card Display

    Disclosure walmart photo

    Holidays are almost here and I’ve created this DIY holiday card display with Walmart Photo that I think is going to be a hit this year!

    This Christmas might be different for many of us in the whole world, oh 2020!! Many won’t be able to travel to get together with family as usual or the celebrations might change, nothing is the same…

    Except… We still have family, friends and we are still connected no matter what! 

    It feels special to be able to send a handwritten message to our loved ones letting them know that we are thinking about them plus what a treat it is to receive cards in the mail! 

    That’s why displaying holiday cards in a prominent space in our house will be such a treasure. It’s a great way to keep in touch and feel connected looking at those familiar faces all day don’t you think? Continue Reading