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    Different ways to enjoy the beach in San Diego

    Different ways to enjoy the beach in San Diego: WindandSea beach -MamiTalks.com

    I grew up in Venezuela, very used to going to the beach only on weekends and it had to be very sunny and hot. The beach was also synonymous of a long weekend where we stayed at someone’s place, a big group, sun, sand, delicious tropical heat in Venezuela’s beaches. I miss that a lot, but since here in San Diego we are so close to the beach and it’s not tropical of course, but there are many different ways to enjoy the beach! Continue Reading

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    TIKI Brand Tabletop System Review

    Our little patio always comes to life in the middle of spring and even more during the summer. It’s hard to imagine it with life after seeing it so dead from…

  • Moments in between -MamiTalks.com
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    The Moments In-Between

    I don’t know when it started, but I know it got bigger and bigger. With the previous sentence, I started this post several weeks ago and I couldn’t continue … This…

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    DIY Kitchen Cabinet Corkboard

    Today I’m sharing the last Spring Cleaning tip! I am cleaning the kitchen cabinets and making a Kitchen Cabinet Corkboard to help us (meaning me!) stay organized. I’m so happy I…